Challenge community advertisement

Hello my dears! Here I come with hopefully at least a bit interesting offer.

I present a challenge community reel_jrock .


The idea behind this challenge is that you'll be able to choose a prompt of a movie. You will then use this movie to write a story, where you incorporate jrock characters of your choice, of at least a thousand (1,000) words based directly on the movie or extrapolating from it. Any genre or rating is allowed. Gen, het, and slash stories are all welcome and encouraged.

Let´s be creative differently and let´s make our fandom more enjoyable.

*le gasp* aka we are back in operation

Hello, hello my lovely people.

Your mod, Chiva, here! To my own shame, it´s been a long time since this community was updated. My excuses would be - were busy with school, with nonexistent social life, with her own lazyness. So let´s leave this part as soon as possible and just go straight to me wishing you Merry Christmas that are just around the corner, then Happy New Year that is around two. 

I am also brining you good news in form of general reviving of the community. From today onwards ...I am putting a sticky note on my pc screen that says UPDATE gazeroundrobin !!!! XD even if that means posting only our weekly prompts for mini challenge. Because I still don´t want to give up, obviously ...ahaha (this community is not dying at least until I finish the challenge myself- meaning, you guys, have long long time ahahahahahah). OK, enough of bad jokes, I swear. XD So for now let´s exercise a bit with our mini mini challenge during holidays and then maybe write a fic or two. What do you say? We can do that, right? We start with the following post. Maybe for more inspiration, go also here and read. It surely gave me a lot to think about. :3 

Oh, and there  is one more thing that might tickle your attention. This year´s christams challenge (afore mentioned) has started its posting on 16th and is running till 24th. SO if you crave some fiction, head over to jrockurisumasu , we have some quality writing there I am sure many of you would enjoy. ^^